Wild: A Coming of Age

I woke yesterday morning remembering. We lived in Wexford when I was 9 or maybe 10. I was riding my pony along the sandy lane to the sea. It was summer I believe. The sun was at it’s zenith, no shadows of evening yet. It was warm for Ireland. We were nearing the beach. In a moment the long stretch of hazy blue horizon, broken only by two islands, would bare itself to us. The blue would take my breathRead more


Behold, is my new word. My new prayer. To behold this ever unfolding Moment. I am yet to tire of the magic of deeply connected art making. Here is some new works Cell 6 Cell 7Read more

Deep Self- Portraiture

Your face is this rich visage of your life, your memories mapped out in extraordinary hills and valleys, light and dark in its caves, shadowed and radiant in their palette. How often do you look at yourself intimately, not a fleeting glance, checking flaws, nor a passing judgement but a deep look into your own eyes, the contour of your unique countenance. How does it curve and where, how hard is the line of your chin, or soft in itsRead more

Real Alchemy

“Empty your mind and Love the world” she says. Now isn’t that alchemy? I believe it is. Therese Fitzgerald said those words at the beginning of a silent retreat I attended a while ago at Southern Dharma Retreat Centre, back in the Spring in fact.Such simple lines there in black and white and I knew she was right, I think she always is. And It was the beginning of me finding my feet on the track again. Art/Life began toRead more

Spring in the Studio

” I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life and see if I could not learn what it has to teach and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived”. ¬†Henry David Thoreau.     A woman came into my studio yesterday. She was interested in buying a print. She spent a long time considering it and asked me if I would explain to herRead more


“The world is but a canvas to our imagination ” Henry David Thoreau The arrival of spring in full support 2015 oil on canvas   The turn of Autumn 2014 oil on canvas I want to go home now 2015 Oil on canvas   My own personal helicon 2015 oil on canvas    Read more


  sleeping Winter 2011 Illustration plays a great part in my work. It allows me to play with my imagination and conjure up the inexplicable. Either for children’s books or to stand alone, I illustrating metaphors, dreams and of course stories. To play with color in such detail is indeed drawing out a story from the very page one is working on. It is very satisfying work.   Looking and seeing 2011 Boats at play 2012        Read more