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I was born in the West of Ireland in 1978. I have travelled extensively and lived in Ireland and France and moved to Western North Carolina in 2013. I create a visual biography of the brilliant experiences I have had with the natural world. I feel Art is an essential form of offering, that allows us a much deeper understanding of ourselves both as painter and then in turn as viewer, as artworks reach out to connect. I strive to make work like windows from canvas, wood and paper to offer a view of life that has a kind of deeper truth, in the imagination, nature and it's processes.
I spend a great deal of time hiking and camping in the mountains of Western North Carolina as well as returning to my home in Ireland each summer to seek out inspiration and presence with Earth. The silence of the deep woodlands and the luxury of untouched nature are my greatest guides.

Childhood memories of being lost in green summer forests, watching foxes from high trees, riding ponies to the ocean to swim with my sisters, making tea with gypsies, fishing for my supper, sewing seeds with my father to feed my family, touching earth each day gave me a keen sense of the cycle of life and the processes of nature. It made a deep and lasting impression. As a parent myself I make a great effort to offer that nature to my own family and community through my work. I feel it is essential work to bring the power of nature into everyone's everyday.

I graduated from the Centre for Creativity and the Arts in Galway, Ireland with a first class BFA in 2002. I was soon teaching and working as studio artist, community artist, and facilitator. I have won awards for my studio work, as community artist and travel grants for research as well as Artist's residencies. I have worked with a variety of institutions, teaching concept development, engaging with creativity and life drawing. I have also served on boards for Arts festival’s as visual co -ordinator as well as a panel for improving access to the Arts in rural areas. My work with an archeological team in the French Pyrenees has also influenced my work. Having researched the legends of Mary Magdalene there and worked with my hands in the soil layers of history, a life long and profound interest in history and symbology was cultivated.

I went on to create the Art house in 2011, in Ireland, a home for “Art learning, living and loving” where I offered workshops and community space for art making. I hope to create a similar space here in her new home of Asheville where she has settled with her husband
and children.

I have has exhibited in Ireland, Paris France and the U.S. My work is found in La centre de culture Irlandaise in Paris in Cyprus, as well as Irish educational institutions and in private collections both in Ireland, Belgium, and and the U.S. My work can be viewed at my studio presently in the River Arts District, online and at the Woolworth’s gallery in Asheville and At Desirant in downtown Asheville.

Much of my work depicts the beginning and endings in life. The gloaming of the day, the dawnings or the thresholds of birth and death. Ancient creation myths fascinate me as does the making of the Earth, geology and botany. More often it is the crossing of the vital points that I have felt deeply aware of being alive and most creative and inspired. Giving birth to my daughter and standing by those loved ones who have died has given me a critical and lasting sense of the tenderness and vividness of our actuality. My work is an effort not to forget how extraordinary life is. I try to not search for answers these days, but play and contemplate the sophistication of the questions in those places, painting in the paradox of the coming and going of life allows for me a feeling of true connection.